Usps early retirement announcement

Brennan is retiring, effective Jan. Duncan, chairman of the Board of Governors. You embody the spirit of public service, you earn the trust of the American people every day, and you continually reinforce my reverence for this institution and my abiding belief in our mission. Brennan is the 74th Postmaster General and first woman to serve in this role. Upon her retirement, she will have served in the position for five years.

Brennan previously served as chief operating officer for four years and held prior roles as vice president of both Eastern Area and Northeast Area. As Postmaster General, Brennan advanced technology and customer-centric strategies to invest in the future of the Postal Service and to shape growth opportunities for the organization and the industries it serves. The advance notice of my retirement will allow the board adequate time to conduct an executive search, select the next Postmaster General, and ensure a seamless transition.

Link Extra. Postmaster General Megan J. Link home. Search Link stories View archives published before year Retirement is a big milestone in a person's life, and it should be celebrated as such, starting with a formal retirement announcement. Annuitants on FERS disability retirement will receive the COLA regardless of age, unless they are receiving 60 percent or more of their high-three salary.

When writing one of these it is important to include a few key points, such as the person's job, their work history, and their contributions to the company or organization. State the name of the person who is retiring and when the retirement will take place. Postal Service recently made a quiet change that will cause retirement to look sweeter for thousands of postal workers.

The impact it could have on delivery and service is debatable. All eligible workers who accept this offer have been given the end Automatic USPS retirement kicks in at age 65, but there are retirement plans in place under both the Civil Service Retirement System and Federal Employment Retirement System that affect pay.

USPS plans for hiring freezes, early retirements as it continues to lose billions of dollars

That is a personal decision. Typically, an early retirement package is offered to an older employee who may be nearing retirement age, while a buyout is offered to a younger employee who will be seeking another job. Any announcement on plans to request or offer voluntary early retirement must come from the USPS. We invite all employees to express their good wishes to John at that time. Postal Service will close six of its 80 district offices, eliminate jobs and offer early retirement toemployees as part of a cost-reduction effort.

Writing an early retirement letter needs to follow these steps: 1. These have been used by other organizations and individuals are are intended to help inspire you during planning your own employees event. Voluntary Early Retirement Authority VERA allows agencies that are undergoing substantial restructuring, reshaping, downsizing, transfer of function, or reorganization to temporarily lower the age and service requirements in order to increase the number of employees who are eligible for retirement.

Go Figure To be eligible for an early out, an employee must have 20 years of service and have reached the age of 50, or have 25 years of service regardless of age. Rural and city carriers are included in a new group of employees eligible for voluntary early retirements.

Understand the Consequences of Not Accepting the Offer. PMG Brennan to delay planned Jan. This article was first reported on January 4, on the National website Web News Article : July 30, I retired December 31 a few years back, and my first journal entry was August 17th, about 4 months before I retired. We will have a dinner in honor of our colleague Friday at p. This means that, inletter carriers will have to start the conversation all over again regarding the Postal Service and to push for postal reforms that protect As the COVID pandemic continues to complicate and frustrate existing systems of bureaucracy, Washington lawmakers and election experts have suggested requiring mail-in ballots for all voters to prevent disease transmission at voting polls on Election Day.

As much as possible, use positive and informative phrases or sentences to make the retiree feel as appreciated as possible. Postal Service is encouraging retirement-eligible postmasters to apply for part-time work at reduced-hours post offices, the agency announced Friday.

Retirees have been eagerly awaiting the announcement, which was made approximately two weeks later than usual, on Oct. With FERS, a postal employee who retired at age 58 following 27 years of work with the highest of her three years of income beingwould get a yearly retirement benefit of ,The Postal Service published a list of 93 questions and answers shared with our members in an earlier Web article.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy Modifies Organizational Structure to Support USPS Mission

That is a personal decision. However, it is decision with implications that members should know and consider. APWU national officers initiated a January 10 meeting with postal management to address issues and concerns about the VER including why the VER was not offered to all crafts, the need to halt all plans for excessing in light of the VER and the process in place for retirement counseling.

In this meeting, the union also pressed its views that:. Incentives have been offered numerous times in the past for both bargaining unit and supervisory employees. The packet will have vital information about your opportunity for an early-out. The packet will include your annuity estimate this is not a guarantee of what your annuity payments will be; OPM makes the final determination of your annuity, and it could be different than the estimated amount provided in your packet and information about available benefits including eligibility, limits, and costs.

Anyone considering the early-out offer needs to study the packet. You are eligible for USPS-sponsored retirement counseling — both group and individual. Information on who to contact and how to arrange counseling will be in the packet.

The packet along with your counseling session s will explain eligibility for any annuity supplement, your health insurance premiums, how your FEGLI life insurance can change, and other issues. According to a previous grievance settlement with the APWU, local management must arrange a reasonably private space for employees who wish to receive individual counseling on the clock.

Your spouse can participate in the counseling session s. Take advantage of every opportunity to learn the specifics about your retirement benefits. Make your decision on complete and accurate information about your retirement benefits.

Postal management has verbally committed to the union that they have no intention of capping the number of employees who can take this VER offer, so there should be no need to rush your decision.

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Planning For Retirement

Mail is Not for Sale! In this meeting, the union also pressed its views that: the Postal Service is not overstaffed, and service to the public is suffering due to understaffing; and, if the Postal Service moves forward with misguided plans to reduce the workforce, the Postal Service should offer a monetary incentive for those eligible for regular retirement as well employees eligible for an early-out. Some points to consider when making your decision: As of now there is no financial incentive to retire early, unlike the and VERAs, where incentives were negotiated with the APWU.

The amounts of coverage may decrease and the costs if you continue coverage will likely rise. June Training Webinars. Employees to See Pay Raise. New Pay Scales Available. Facing Challenges Together. Keeping Control of Local Finances. Is There a Union Meeting — Who cares? Stay in touch with your union Subscribe to receive important information from your union.Postal Service.

The new organization will align functions based on core business operations and will provide more clarity and focus on what the Postal Service does best; collect, process, move and deliver mail and packages. For the complete executive leadership team, please see about. As part of the modified organizational structure, logistics and mail processing operations will report into the new Logistics and Processing Operations organization separate from existing area and district reporting structures.

This includes all mail processing facilities and local transportation network offices. Splitting operations into these two organizations is designed to allow for improved focus and clear communication channels. These organizational changes do not initiate a reduction-in-force, and there are no immediate impacts to USPS employees.

USPS seeks early retirements for non-union postal employees, management hiring freeze

However, to prepare for future changes, the Postal Service has implemented a management hiring freeze and will be requesting future Voluntary Early Retirement Authority from the Office of Personnel Management for employees not represented by a collective bargaining agreement. The Postal Service receives no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations. For U. Postal Service media resources, including broadcast-quality video and audio and photo stills, visit the USPS Newsroom.

For more information about the Postal Service, visit usps. Printable version.

usps early retirement announcement

National news. Media contacts Dave Partenheimer david.The U. Postal Service reported continued financial losses for the third quarter ofwith the Postmaster General announcing Aug. Postal Service has reduced employee compensation costs over the last decade, but not as much as the agency initially predicted.

That authority allows an agency to temporarily lower the age and years of service requirements for retirement, with the goal of encouraging more employees that are on the cusp of retirement to make that transition. According to the news release, such initiatives are not designed to initiate a reduction in force or have an immediate impact on employees. For more newsletters click here. We've got you covered. Sign up to get the top federal headlines each morning. By giving us your email, you are opting in to the Daily Brief.

We cannot let the recent growth of our package business mask our underlying business model problems, and we are redoubling our efforts to develop a plan to ensure our viability to provide universal service to all of America. Members of Congress, employee groups and financial experts have disagreed about the true heart of USPS financial declines, with many pointing fingers at the prefunding mandate for employee retirementwhich has placed prolonged monetary strain on the agency.

Jessie Bur. Sign up for our Acquisition and Management Digest Learn how to get the most out of your business, management and employees. Thanks for signing up! Need a daily brief? Thanks for signing up.In an effort to operate in a more efficient and effective manner and better serve customers, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy today announced a modified organizational structure for the U. Postal Service. This organization will be led by Kristin Seaver. This organization will be led by David Williams.

This organization will be led by Jakki Krage Strako. As part of the modified structure, logistics and mail processing operations will report into the new Logistics and Processing Operations organization separate from existing area and district reporting structures. This includes all mail processing facilities and local transportation networks offices. Splitting operations into the two organizations of Retail and Delivery Operations, and Logistics and Processing Operations, is designed to allow for improved focus and clear communication channels.

The transition to this new organizational structure will take place over the next several weeks. Transition coordinators have been identified to assist in the process. These organizational changes do not initiate a reduction in force, and there are no immediate impacts to USPS employees. However, to prepare for future changes, the Postal Service has implemented a management hiring freeze and will be requesting future Voluntary Early Retirement Authority from the Office of Personnel Management for non-bargaining employees.

An organization chart reflecting the new USPS structure is available at about. The Postal Service is developing a business plan to ensure that the organization will be financially stable.

usps early retirement announcement

Link Extra. The new organizational structure is focused on three operating units: Retail and Delivery Operations, Logistics and Processing Operations, and Commerce and Business Solutions. Link home. Search Link stories View archives published before year The Postal Service has put a management hiring freeze in place and will soon accept early retirements from non-union postal employees as part of a reorganization the agency announced Friday.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has also reshuffled USPS executives and restructured the agency to focus on three lines of effort — retail and delivery operations, logistics and processing, and commerce and business solutions. I know about PM jobs that should be phased out. Go to fedsdatacenter.

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Good to move these guys around. I had a manager who was in his position for 20 some years. He was vindictive and supported personnel that harrassed others, especially women who challenged him. But the toll was overwhelming. At least he retired before I did. Well I have worked for the post office for 38 years some at first as a mailhandler and now a city carrier and I will say what the new postmaster is doing in regards to cutting management is long over due.

usps early retirement announcement

I will be one of his next steps is a buyout for city carriers. You may not like Trump but the post office needs to be cleaned up it is long over due. We will end up with a better postal service. I agree with Clayton I am looking for a early retirement myself. An early option needs to be made available to union workers to.

Are the union employees going to be offered a early retirement why is this limited to just nonunion employees. Get rid of unnecessary, unproductive managers first. Early retirement would be nice for us union members, but we need employees! We are so short handed. It been like that for 43 years, so I agree and been saying this for a long time management needs be trimmed down and retire.

Early retirement for Union workers I doubt it we are already short nationwide. I will be overtime 6 days a week. The small cities and towns probably not. Paul we are hurting very BAD!! Notify of. I allow to use my email address and send notification about new comments and replies you can unsubscribe at any time. Inline Feedbacks. Sheila Mudri. Bill Self. D Jones. Dolores Kramer. Tonya Cooper. Clayton Norris. Why not open early retirement option to union represented employees?

John cheselka. Julie Slotty-Williams. Christina Bator. I agree with you!