Stage 6 mk2 racing 70cc

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Cilindro Minarelli horizontal LC 70cc Stage6 Racing MKII

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Earn Reward points for this product. A saving of. The successor of the successful Stage6 70cc racing cylinder is called Stage6 Racing MKII 70cc and was completely redesigned for even better out of the box performance. The cylinder with high-strength hard chrome bore plating was completely redesigned. A new transfer port design 6 instead of 5 ports improves cylinder filling.

The piston is no longer flat but domed, with a 0. Thermal properties were improved in all areas. Generous flushing of the bridged exhaust port; a pentagonal design and internal cooling ribs; one-piece head with cast scavenging canals — to name but a few of the improvements. The cylinder yields 2 to 3 hp more power than the MK1, between hpwithout any additional modifications and in combination with the corresponding components. There is enough material for further modifications to get the cylinder above 20 hp.

Definitely one of the most powerful 70cc kits on the market! We recommend using a reinforced crankshaft, a min. We recommend to clean the engine before assembly, check the condition of all components and use a new spark plug and new small end bearing.

Do not forget to change your carburetor settings if necessary. Squish clearance should be between 0. The cylinder should be run in for approx. Only registered users can write reviews. Please, log in or register. Get the latest news, specials and coupons via email! You can cancel your subscription anytime. Please install the latest version to use all functions of this site. Login now!

You don't have an account yet? Register now. My Account Login now! Please wait My Account. More Views. Item no. In Stock - Same Day Dispatch for orders placed before 2pm. Add to Cart -OR. The kit includes. Attention: - Original exhausts cannot be mounted with this cylinder.I initially wanted to write a review solely about this bad boy above, the Malossi Sport 70cc. One of the best selling 70cc cylinders ever made. It is cheap, long lasting, powerful and available for pretty much every scooter model on the planet.

However, during my research I stumbled over a great blog that had not only better test equipment Dyno! The Stage6 Streetrace 70cc is a cast iron cylinder with 8 transfer ports Piaggio and a two windowed piston with two piston rings.

The Stage6 Sport Pro 70cc is an aluminium cylinder with 7 transfer ports Piaggio and a non windowed very shirt piston skirt piston with one piston ring. The Malossi Sport 70cc is a cast iron cylinder with 8 transfer ports Piaggio and a single windowed piston with two piston rings. The last of the bunch is the Polini Sport 70cc.

A cast iron cylinder with 8 transfer ports Piaggio and a cut out piston skirt piston with two piston rings. It is the only modular cylinder cylinder head consists of two separate pieces of them all which also makes it the most expensive one. Feature wise the Stage6 Streetrace and the Malossi Sport are similar. The Polini unfortunately stands out for a bad reason. With a target revenue of only a few thousand rpm more than the original cylinder the thermal advantages do not justify the increased cost.

The air cooled version however, should stay in the race since the high cost do not apply here. The Stage6 Sport Pro screams racing with single piston ring piston and its aluminium nikasil cylinder. However, as expected the Stage6 Sport Pro outperformed all other cylinders in the test. Surprisingly the Stage6 Streetrace performs nearly equally good as his bigger brother some might say the racing piston and aluminium nikasil is more of a marketing strategy….

The Malossi and Polini perform well too but at a much narrower rpm band which means less power at higher speeds. Read all about the Dyno test at the fantastic PedParts Blog right here. What Cylinder kit do you ride? Are you about to buy one and have questions? Let me know in the comments or post in the forums and I will absolutely get back to you!

stage 6 mk2 racing 70cc

Polini Sport 70cc vs. Stage6 Streetrace 70cc vs. Stage6 Sport Pro 70c… […]. Can you recomend me another parts if these are not ok?

Great choice!Noutovarasto suljettu toistaiseksi verkkokaupan toiminnan turvaamiseksi poikkeustilanteessa. Sulje valikko. Etusivu Tuotteet. Stage6 A4 tarra-arkki.

Stage6 tarrasarja 50cm x 39cm, valkoinen. Stage6 tarrasarja 50cm x 39cm, musta. Stage6 kahvojen gripit, oranssi. Stage6 kahvojen gripit, musta. Stage6 donitsit. Stage6 tangonpehmuste 18cm. Stage6 F1 peili, M8, vasenkromi. Stage6 F1 peili, M8, vasenalumiini. Stage6 F1 peili, M8, vasencarbon. Stage6 F1 peili, M8, vasenmusta. Stage6 Keihin PWK suutinsarja Stage6 Dellorto M6 suutinsarja Stage6 Dellorto M5 suutinsarja Stage6 jarrukahva oikeakromi, Yamaha Aerox.

Stage6 ryyppyvaijeri vivulla cm. Stage6 tarra 20x6cm, musta. Stage6 StreetRace sylinterisarja 70cc, Yamaha Aerox. Stage6 Sport Pro variaattori, Minarelli skootterit. Stage6 CNC pikakaasukahvan kaasuvaijeri. Stage6 SportPro kytkinjouset, Minarelli. Stage6 Snapback lippalakki, musta. Stage6 t-paita, S.

Stage6 t-paita, M.Tiene que activar el JavaScript del navegador para utilizar las funciones de este sitio web.

stage 6 mk2 racing 70cc

Os presentamos el sucesor del tan famoso cilindro Stage6 Racing 70cc. Un cilindro de aluminio de alta calidad que destaca por una camisa de alta resistencia de cromo duro. Por favor, compruebe las dimensiones antes del montaje! Se recomienda monarlo con un carburado 21mm, un escape tipo Yasuni carrera 16 o Voca Road-race y bujia Iridium para sacarle el mayor partido. Siguientes respuestas.

Next Questions. Ref: S Compra y gana Power Coins. Preguntas sobre el producto. Logueate para hacer preguntas. Hay que encarar el carter o entra sin problemas?

Stage6 Cylinder Kit "Racing MK 2" 70cc 12mm

Lo puedes montar sin problema. Logueate para contestar preguntas. LC Aprilia Rally 50c. LC Aprilia Sonic 50c. Aprilia SR 50c. Benelli 50c. LC agua - Minarelli horiz.

Cilindro Minarelli horizontal LC 70cc Stage6 Racing MKII

Beta ARK 50c. LC Minarelli horizontal Beta Eikon 50c. LC - Minarelli horizontal Italjet Dragster 50c. LC Malaguti F15 Firefox 50c. LC agua a partir del Malaguti F12 Phantom 50c.

LC a partir del Malaguti F15 Firefox 50c. LC Malaguti F12 Phantom 50c. LC Yamaha Aerox 50c. LC CAT a partir del Right in time before christmas Stage6 released their massively delayed but highly anticipated 95cc big bore cylinder kit for liquid cooled 50cc Piaggio and Minarelli engines.

Along with it Stage6 brought us also a beautiful racing exhaust and a high end crankshaft. Read all about it after the click! It is being used in drag races as well as circuit racing and the direct competitors have a hard time competing with its machined beauty and next level features. It dares to be different whilst staying within an affordable price range and it therefore ticked pretty much every box the scooterist can think off.

However, recently the big bore market made a big impact on the scene, but what is that makes big bore so attractive?

Stage6 Cylinder Kit 70cc Racing MK2 Piaggio LC

Well one of the main reasons is probably the sheer amount of power especially torque that comes from these kits. And of course it is the scooter tuners need to push his hobby to the limit. Sure you can go with a Piaggio Maxi engine and cover even more horse power but the combination of small engines combined with affordable high end parts is what I believe makes the difference and what interests us in the big bore category.

For a long time when you heard big bore there was basically two to go to: Polini and Malossi. There were also others like TRT2Fast the guys who pretty much started all this or there was a long stroke crank out there from Top Performances. Stage6 however remained silent in the 70cc area only to come out now with a bang and a cylinder kit to rule them all! Read the official words below:. Based on the well-known, record-breaking 70cc cylinder, this 95cc version promises amazing power and a lot of potential for new record performances!

In combination with nearly 5mm more stroke, this provides lots of torque, at a pleasant rpm. The cylinder comes with rather tame port timing; it is thus suitable for all kinds of racing series and for other uses, and it offers an ideal base for tuning. The principle of the patented modular construction has been kept of course, ensuring that the cylinder can be used on other engines as well.

Once the adaptor plate has been mounted and adjusted via base gaskets, there is no need to re-adjust later on. The CNC-milled adaptor plate is screwed to the engine case, receiving the cylinder via exterior studs. The spherical inner cylinder head cap is screwed at 5 points and thermally stabilized via own cooling pockets.

This eliminates the critical points at the studs that tend to lead to piston seizures. The coated Vertex piston offers a theoretically shorter running-in period as well as improved emergency running properties, so that small mistakes can be forgiven. Attention: In order to be able to install the cylinder, the engine case will have to be opened up to In case of faulty or missing mounting material, please make sure to use ONLY Stage6 replacement parts; failure to do so may result in irreparable damage!

You will need to use the cylinder in conjunction with a crankshaft with 90mm conrod, 44mm stroke and 14mm piston pin. One thing Stage6 never disappointed at was their high end exhaust kits. Read all about it below:. In addition to the well-known high quality, it also offers great performance and is a real allrounder. The expansion chamber is made from 0. This offers the necessary variations to be able to adjust the system to your engine and requirements.

Compared e. The Stage6 crankshaft were always manufactured at a very high level of quality. The downside on going with high end parts is that it is usually not easy to roll back to stock or mid race class parts. In the case of the Stage6 Big Bore crankshaft it is required to use a 16mm taper compatible variator. Find the press release below:.The Stage 6 Racing MKII is the successor to the very successful Stage6 70cc Racing cylinder and is a completely revised version with even more power straight out the box.

A complete revision of the aluminium cylinder with high strength metal nicasil coating. Improvements include complete thermal optimisation new internal cooling channels and fins. Designed with tuners in mind this kit is capable of over 20HP with porting work. NOTE: The temperature sensor incl. Please check dimensions before mounting!

Yes that kit will need to be used with a decent quality full circle crankshaft, they have to have a short temperature sensor, some Aerox use this already the ones with a temperature gauge not just a temperature warning light. We use cookies to personalise content, to provide social media features and to analyse website traffic.

We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. See our Privacy Policy for more information. PedParts UK. Description The Stage 6 Racing MKII is the successor to the very successful Stage6 70cc Racing cylinder and is a completely revised version with even more power straight out the box.

Do you need a better conrod than standard with this cylinder kit and would a standard Aerox sensor fit? Share Tweet WhatsApp. Often Bought With. In Stock. Send Question. Remind me. Item added to your basket. Product code:. You have in your basket Basket Subtotal:.There used to be a German magazine that was taking things seriously.

Sometimes it was a bit too much, sometimes it was ridiculous and sometimes I even felt bad for reading it. So here it is the 70cc Mid Race cylinder kit review, everyone is graving for:. Since most of these cylinders have their peak power at The variomatic has been blocked to ensure correct results and three different exhausts have been tested with each cylinder:.

Also there were no flow improvements on the engine block done and all cylinders were kept as is using the original gaskets. The P4 data sheets always show the best result highest power in red. The Stage6 Racing was tearing up the scene when it first got released btw there is a version 2 review available here :. At its low price and great feature set it made the established manufacturers especially Polini and Malossi look very old and outdated.

But not only the price but also the performance exceeded the expectations of most. In combination with the Stage6 R exhaust it creates a Stage6 typical see the Sport cylinder test very wide revenue band. Definitely a killer combo that is easy to adjust and with 10 nm torque also good for the one or other hot lap on the circuit. The T shaped exhaust port allows for improvements and there are some high end portings out there that reach the 20 horse power mark.

A great performing cylinder at a very reasonable price. The cylinder features a traditional oval shaped exhaust port and produces a staggering 10 nm torque in combination with the Stage6 R exhaust.

I bet there are quite a few guys out there who would have not expected this including me from such a port design. Recent price drops among the other manufacturers seem to have not been adopted by Italkit and the cylinders seem a bit outdated feature wise at this price point. It is however a great basis for a traditional porting project. The Manston Replica is a bit of a disappointment offering only a very small peak power band and low torque.

Porting would help to increase the overall power but given the price the Manston Replica is most likely the worst choice of them all. The modular concept will allow for more porting but out of the box this kit can not be recommended. Once again the Stage6 R is your best choice in combination with this cylinder kit. Surprisingly Airsal is using a two piston ring solution on this kit which should allow for a higher compression and therefore more torque.

Unfortunately the torque is kept low at about 8,5 hp and an overall very narrow speed band.

stage 6 mk2 racing 70cc