Inspiring swahili words

Swahili borrows heavily from the Arabic languageand its flow and patterns reflect Arabic influences in many ways. For instance, Swahili words have to end in a vowel, which is also a common trait in Arabic.

Furaha describes feelings of joy and happiness. When used to encourage someone else, the word becomes furahi or furahia. It is used liberally during joyful ceremonies to rally the crowd to enjoy themselves. Mahaba is derived from the Arabic word for love, haba. The word is used to describe a strong and sturdy person. It also refers to a member of the community or a family member who is dependable and the voice of reason. Male children tend to be named Jabali a lot.

inspiring swahili words

The Kenya Tourism Board have the slogan Tembea Kenya, which is used to encourage Kenyans and tourists to travel throughout the country and enjoy all it has to offer.

In the coastal region, wind is a valued weather phenomenon, as it brings relief from the heat and humidity. This is the Swahili word for prayer. It was originally an Arabic word and features prominently in the Quran. Dua is not only used in a religious context, but also when talking of a petition or plea to someone more senior or in a position of authority.

Alternatively, you can use the word ombi instead of dua. Embracing someone and holding them close is known as kumbatia. It applies to embraces between lovers as well as platonic hugs. It is a common word, used mostly by the coastal people, who give embraces and kisses to family and friends more freely than other Kenyan cultures do.

Swahili Word List

The Swahili word for peace features prominently in daily life in Kenya. Associated worldwide with calm and reason, amani is not just about the absence of chaos; it also refers to tranquillity, peace of mind and serenity. It is used in the Kenya National Anthemurging Kenyans to live in peace, unity and freedom with each other.

This is the Swahili word for the beach, perfect for enquiring about the beautiful beaches in Mombasa. It is a loanword from Arabic with the same meaning. A handsome man is known as jamil or jameel while a beautiful woman is jamila or jameela. This is because jameela refers to a specific person and is actually used more as a name, while mrembo or urembo are used as descriptive words for people, clothes, cosmetics, homes and other items. Beads are a huge part of culture in communities across Kenya.

The word shanga refers to the beads once they have been made into a necklace, bracelet, anklet or other ornamental item. They are often used as gifts for brides or love interests.Afungaye kibwebwe si bure ana mchezo. MEM She who ties a [broad strip of calico as a] waistbelt does not do so for nothing, she is [intent] on playing. If somebody is getting involved with something, it is clear that that person thinks it is worthwhile. Ahangaikaye sana na jua ajua.

Does not work in vain. A person with an aim or purpose. Akishindwa sultani, raia huweza nini? When the sultan knows no solution to a problem lit. Aliye na hamu ya kupanda juu hukesha. MA A person who desires to rise [in society] must stay awake. Aliyetangulia katangulia; afuataye akazane. The one who is ahead is ahead; the one who follows must make an effort. Anayejitahidi hufaidi. One who tries hard will profit. Encouragement to exert oneself. Anayetaka hachoki hata akichoka huwa keshapata.

Swahili Vocabulary

One who craves for something does not get tired; and if tired, that person has already acquired it. Said to somebody who's giving up - KA.

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Apanda kilele, hupiga kelele. RSP One climbs to the top to make noise.If you're trying to learn Swahili Vocabulary which is also called Kiswahili, check our courses about vocabulary and expressions Try to concentrate on the lesson and notice the pattern that occurs each time the word changes its place.

Also don't forget to check the rest of our other lessons listed on Learn Swahili. Enjoy the rest of the lesson! Learning the Swahili Vocabulary displayed below is vital to the language. Swahili vocabulary is the set of words you should be familiar with. A vocabulary usually grows and evolves with age, and serves as a useful and fundamental tool for communication and acquiring knowledge. Here are some examples:. Below is a list of the vocabulary and expressions in Swahili placed in a table. Memorizing this table will help you add very useful and important words to your Swahili vocabulary.

Vocabulary and expressions have a very important role in Swahili. Once you're done with the Kiswahili Vocabulary, you might want to check the rest of our Swahili lessons here: Learn Swahili. Don't forget to bookmark this page.

inspiring swahili words

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inspiring swahili words

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More Famous Quotes full of words of wisdom Popular Poetry: Take the time to read the verses and discover words of wisdom in them! Appreciation Christian Courage Encouraging. Funeral Funny Happiness Hope. Inspirational God Life Motivational. Prayer Trust Smile Success.Chances are, if you are learning Swahili in a classroom, you will come across the same words and phrases repeatedly.

Before you learn Swahili in a classroom setting, get a head start with some common words and phrases.

Swahili Sayings And Quotes

The more you know upfront, the faster you will graduate from beginner Swahili to more advanced words and phrases. If you are a member of the Pan-African Alliance, you know our official language is Kiswahili.

So if you are joining our family, you will need to refer to this list often. Bookmark this post or save the link to make it easier to access. Ready to learn Kiswahili? Click any of the the phrases below for a drop down with vocabulary words and phrases. English: Do You Understand? Or Do You All Understand? Swahili Word or Phrase: Unaelewa? Or Mnaelewa? Vocabulary words and phrases will only take you so far. If you want to become fluent, here are the top three resources we use to learn Swahili online:.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Latest Popular Trending. Search Search for: Search. Bahati Njema! Basic Classroom Vocabulary. Basic Greetings And Responses. Swahili Classroom Statements.The most beautiful Swahili words roll off the tongue and carry the effect of the message in their intonation. In short, it is tough to speak Swahili without feeling the emotion in every word, not to mention the language's ease of talking.

Beautiful words in Swahili are also easy to remember as you will see on our list. We also have some of the most beautiful Swahili phrases as a step past learning the words. This list also contains beautiful Swahili quotes most of which can be seen in traditional Swahili wear leso or even inscribed on a dashiki outfit. Here are 25 of the most beautiful Swahili words and phrases. It can also be used to mean "I'm so glad to see you," depending on whether the context is formal or casual.

Nakupenda is arguably one of the most loving ways of saying "I love you" in Swahili. It is among the Swahili phrases for welcoming guests or even a loved one after a long day at the office or work.

Of all Swahili words that mean beautiful, 'wapendeza' is the most appealing as well as respectable of them all. When it comes to Swahili words, 'beautiful' has a few more terms. This term is often used when instructing someone to slow their pace whether when driving, walking, or working on something. Surprisingly, most people in East Africa hardly use the phrase, which means 'no worries', but if you tell them "Hakuna matata," they will understand what you mean.

If you wish to emphasize the gratitude, simply add 'sana' and say "Asante sana", meaning thank you so much. People around East Africa often use it when reassuring their support to their friends or colleagues and view it as a message of unity and solidarity. If speaking of the beautiful things love has to offer and you lack enough words, you can sum it up by saying, "Mapenzi mubashara". This Swahili phrase meaning 'unity is strength division is weakness' is very popular in East Africa.

It is used by leaders to unify people as well as family members or colleagues when in disagreement.

inspiring swahili words

Everything has its time; whatever is yours will not pass you. I bet you've heard that before.