Epiphone bridge parts

For replacement saddles compatible with this bridge and the Leo Qua Includes arm, springs, claw, and all screws. For replacement saddles compatible with this bridge and the Home Chevron down icon Bridges Bridges. Filters icon Filters.

epiphone bridge parts

Show 24 36 48 View as Grid icon List icon. BP Tremolo Springs. Plastic bridge pins with dot, slotted 50 pcs. Tremolo arm with white tip, Gotoh, fits USA tremolo BS Bone Saddle for Acoustic. Plastic bridge pins, slotted 50 pcs. BS Fully Compensated Saddle. BP 6mm Tremolo Arm for Imports. Ebony bridge pin set, slotted 6 pcs. Plastic bridge pin set with dot, slotted 6 pcs.

Tremolo arm for Mexican guitar bridges, Chrome. GB Nashville Tunematic Bridge. View full details. Pin, large clamp, and small clamp options. GB Roller Tunematic. Bridge saddle block inserts 6 pcs. Shim set for locking saddles set of 12 pcs. Tremolo arm metric with white tip, Chrome fits imports, 6 mm.These guitars look great, but the stock hardware hurts their overall tone and performance.

But you don't need to settle any more! We've found the best new hardware to dramatically upgrade the tone and playability of your favorite guitar. Tuners and tune-o-matic bridges are simple to upgrade, you don't even need any tools. Not just for Epiphones! Make your good guitar great! Tuner Upgrade: If your guitar goes out of tune from normal playing, it's time to replace and upgrade your stock tuners. The Grover Vintage Keystone Tuners look just like the originals from the s, but work amazingly better.

The well-made gears will keep you in tune and keep the vintage look of your guitar. Bridge Upgrade: There is no easier or better upgrade than replacing a stock tune-o-matic bridge. The stock saddles are often slotted too deeply, causing buzzing, and can be hard to intonate. The saddles of the Gotoh Tune-o-matic are precision crafted and use high quality, resonant metals. The saddles are machined to tightly fit the bridge without gaps, rattles, or "slop"—you'll instantly have improved resonance and tone.

They're slotted for an instant upgrade and you can also dial in the slots to your preferred string gauge. The smoothly polished saddles aren't sharp and won't cut your hands like some lower quality saddles can. We recommend this professional quality bridge for any guitar at any price. Tailpiece Upgrade: Many stock tailpieces are heavy, which limits resonance and can rob your guitar of tone and sustain. They can also fit the studs poorly, which destroys resonance.

The Gotoh stop tailpiece is made from aluminum, just like the revered '50s originals. The reduced weight makes notes jump out of the guitar, and the bridge and tailpiece ring together like they were meant to. The stop tailpiece has a vintage profile for the right look and fit with the Gotoh Tune-o-matic. Will it fit? We picked everything in this set to fit perfectly on your metric "large post" tune-o-matic found on most Epiphones and other imported guitars.

In most cases, replacing your hardware is as simple as unscrewing the old studs and posts and screwing in the new ones, and maybe drilling a hole or two for the tuners. Figuring out if these upgrades will fit your guitar is easier than you think! All you need is a ruler and a little patience.

Just follow these simple steps: 1. Measure your post spacing: Remove the posts from your original bridge.

Measure the distance from the center of each hole to the other.

Gotoh Tune-o-matic Bridge with Studs/Bushings

Measure your stud spacing: Remove the studs from your original tailpiece. Measure your threads: Using a metric nut with M8 x 1. Measure your pegholes: Remove one of your tuners. Take a ruler and measure across the hole. That's it! Now you can drop-in this hardware and instantly enjoy a better playing and sounding instrument.

And if you're still not sure, we're here to help. Need pickups and wiring too? It's got everything you need to give your Epiphone the real tone and playability you've always dreamed of. Close Overlay. Epiphone Hardware Upgrade Kit Item By superjudge3January 24, in Epiphone Electrics. My dealer can't get them, I can't find a website that actually sells them, and Gibson parts do not fit. A Gibson dealer should be able to order Epiphone parts. I think that Tone Pros makes a stop bar tailpiece in metric that will fit, but you'll need to measure the exact dimensions to be sure.

Looking for replacement bridge

Jay at Guitar Fetish might also have some knobs that fit. If the knobs won't fit you could probably swap out the pots for CTS and use standard knobs, but that's quite a bit to do just for new knobs. I swapped out all of the gold hardware on a Sheraton II for chrome last year and it took about four months to get everything, but my local dealer, who was Gibson authorized, was able to find parts for me.

The businesses suggested above are URLs, just put your mouse on them and click--they don't show up as blue, which I expected.

epiphone bridge parts

Have you tried GFS? Go to stewmac. Remember, the Gibson types will not fit at all as they have two different numbers of splines! Don't be so quick to dismiss what will and won't fit. Listen to some of these guys, many of who actually do know what they are talking about.

I have personally replaced the knobs on my Epi LP with knobs from GFS, but regardless, most sellers of knobs understand that there are generally the US size e. Gibson knobs, and the foreign size e. In fact, many are so labeled. If not, just drop them a line and ask them. I ordered a set of gold tophat knobs from stew-mac for my epi Dont even worry, the stewmac knobs will fit fine Do your self a favor and swap out those junk pots for some CTS Audio taper K pots, then buy some orange drop.

You won't believe the difference in tone. That takes the mud right out of your ax! Stew-mac sells the coarse-splined knobs which fit Alpha and other Asian pots. If you want knobs to fit CTS i.Epiphone Guitars. Messages: 56 Likes Received: James BApr 10, Messages: 2, Likes Received: 2, If you have the time, try your lp bridge on the dot, but it wouldn't surprise me if they were the same.

I can't see Epiphone changing bridges between models, from an economic standpoint, one size fits all keeps cost down. From looking, the difference is probably an optical illusion, the body of the dot being bigger makes the space seem smaller. If you have a set of calipers, you can verify. DPaulCustomApr 10, Raiyn likes this. Messages: 95 Likes Received: PeterOehApr 10, Messages: 6, Likes Received: 3, Wilkinsons are a good choice, but I'm partial to the one I put on my G The only difference is that mine was drilled and tapped for grub screws to make it "locking".

RaiynApr 10, Messages: 1, Likes Received: 1, Raiyn I'm not sure of the purpose of the grub screws. I can't see where they are going anywhere with the strings on. JohnApr 10, Messages: 6, Likes Received: 6, Last edited: Apr 10, ParuwiApr 10, Thank you!! Paruwi likes this. Barely off Perhaps the bushings matter here Reason I say that is bc I took them out and put some back in, not sure if they are the originals got so many around I had that same problem with another guitar until I ordered some bushings and posts that went especially for my Resomax bridge DPaulCustom likes this.

Glad you got the bridge sorted. Whats next on the Mod parade? How bout a full size pic of the lovely girl? PeterOeh likes this. Messages: Likes Received: I got the conversion posts from them as well.Skip to main content Epiphone Replacement Parts. Currently unavailable. The saddle, after some minor rounding at the edges, fit perfectly as a replacement for the one that came with my Takamine acoustic.

I haven't replaced the nut yet, but even so the improvement in tone and sustain is quite noticeable. These are high quality parts, well worth the relatively small investment.

Genuine Epiphone Replacement Parts

Edit: I have since replaced the nut too, and am pleased to report it is a near perfect fit, though it is a tiny bit shorter across than the old one. But the difference is negligible, and the improvement in tone and action was well worth the small additional expenditure of time and effort. See All Buying Options. In Stock.

epiphone bridge parts

These TUSQ nuts are a perfect fit for Epiphone guitars You still have to do some minor fitting filing, but its very minor compared to cutting a blank or many other precuts that I have tried. Most Epiphone guitars use a nut size that is slightly thicker than gibson models, leaving a gap between the trussrod cover and the nut if you use a typical gibson size precut. The TUSQ material itself is a very bright white color, basically that of new printer paper, likely to clash with any binding that is more than a couple of years old that tends to blend more with bone.

These are fine nuts and I have to say that the natural lubricated nature of the TUSQ nut might actually place it slightly higher in preference for me over bone, I am still on the fence. But basically, go with bone or Add to cart.

Looks really nice very nice plating clean and smooth. Have not installed yet but it looks like it will fit my Les Paul. Delivery was very good and fast. I'm quite satisfied thank you. Only 7 left in stock - order soon. Great product at this price point. If your looking for a high end replacement this is not for you, but as a low cost improvement for a lower end guitar or maybe a custom build it's a good product.

I will be purchasing another set for another build I'm working on. These were sold to me at a discounted rate for my unbiased opinion. Smooth surface on top makes palm muting very comfortable compared to the tune-o-matic style OEM bridge. Solid piece, no odd rattles or resonances compared to a non-Lotmusic bridge I tried on this guitar first that had much wider string slots that let the strings slop back and forth in the slot.

I really like that you can lock this to the posts so that it won't fall off while changing strings. That lock may also transmit string vibration to the body of the guitar better. These are taller than a tune-o-matic, so it may not work for you if your TOM bridge is already bottomed out on your guitar to get the action where you want it. I've used a few of these to replace cheaper tune-o-matic bridges on various guitars.

I was a bit hesitant to go with an unknown company, but my gamble totally paid off in this case. The bridge feels substantial enough that I don't worry about it warping or getting damaged over the course of normal gigging with any of the guitars on which I've installed this bridge.

epiphone bridge parts

The one point worth highlighting is that the very small screws used to lock the bridge into position atop the pole pieces need to be very tight, or they will eventually work their way loose.

If you've got a guitar with a Gibson style tune-o-matic bridge, you'll notice an increase in sustain and a greater amount of flexibility with regard to intonation; those Mobile Al. I ordered other items from this seller at the same time.

Basically all black hardware for a project guitar I am building. I build guitars and I am a musician as well.By AbyssiumOctober 20, in Epiphone Electrics. Also much appreciated would be if its was possible to get all of this from the same store online shipping international.

Measure your center to center post distance. For instance, are the bridge posts centers 74mm or 72mm? Let us know. They are usually available at hardware stores and office supply stores. I usually measure from the 1 cm or 1" mark, depending on what is needed.

I just don't trust the first few marks on any ruler. As to centers. The studs are the same size from right to left. In other words, the left bridge stud is the same size as the right bridge stud. The cap on the left tail piece stud is the same size as the right tail piece stud. Thus, measuring from left outside to right inside or visa-verse will give you a pretty good measurement without having to guess where the exact centers are. If that is not clear it is probably my poor explanation and I will try to get some pictures up tomorrow.

It is am here. It will not make a difference with most bridges on a Les Paul as long as the saddle slots are not completely notched. In most cases a new bridge comes with either no slots in the saddles or very small starter slots only. A main consideration is that Les Pauls have a 12" radius fret board. You would want a bridge or tailpiece to match that radius.

The nut is a different story. You would need a left handed nut.The metal saddles have helpful starter grooves to guide your slotting files. Intonation screws are retained by mini hex nuts. Includes threaded thumbwheel studs and bushings. Use an 11mm drill bit to install the bushings.

Saddle radius determines the arc formed by all the individual saddle heights, and is similar to the measurement of a fretboard.

Positioning the bridge Find bridge placement for any scale with our free online tool fret position calculator.

Les Paul Bridge Rattle

I got this to replace a cheap, buzzy bridge in an Epiphone Dot Studio. It fit perfectly and fixed the problem, for a great price. It intonated pretty easily too. Kudos also for StewMac service. Basically because I'm an idiot, I didn't check and ordered the bridge with the small inserts rather than the one with the thick threads. I thought I would have to pay shipping for the right re-ordered bridge, but StewMac picked that up.

I'm very grateful to Matt and Zach for their help with this. I got two of these Gotoh bridges to replace an original Epiphone tune-o-matic bridge on an ES P60 pro with the open screw slot and wire retaining clip and a similar but cheaper version of the same bridge on a StewMac ES build that I did.

The one an intermittent string buzz that I tracked down to the retaining wire on the cheap bridge. After notching the saddles the Gotoh bridges were direct replacements; I used the original bushings and replaced the bridges and studs.

The buzz is gone, this bridge is more stable, much easier to intonate, and I think there is more sustain and better transmission of sound to the body. Dropped in perfectly in the existing holes on my SG type guitar. The finish is impeccable. Intonation was flawless.