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Page of 93 Go. Quick Links. Download this manual. Host Interface Manual. Table of Contents. Page 5 cobas c Host Interface Manual 7. Published by Roche Diagnostics, a division of F. Hoffmann-La Roche; Basel, Switzerland.

cobas b 121

Questions or comments regarding the contents of this Installation Manual can be directed to the address below or to your Roche representative. Other countries: The above trademarks are either owned by or used under license by the Roche affiliate distributing this product. About this manual This document details the specifications for the cobas c host interface HIF.

Page 9: Abbreviations cobas c Host Interface Manual 2. Page Overview cobas c Host Interface Manual 4. Overview 4. Depending on the type of host system and workflows in the laboratory, the cobas c host interface offers a set of configurable features. Rerunning an order means to repeat according to the settings given in the application configuration, such as predefined dilution factors.

The sample number is given by the operator while placing the sample on the system. Page Host cobas c Host Interface Manual 4. After identifying the sample, you are asked to place the sample. LIS Interface configuration 5. Page 15 cobas c Host Interface Manual The analyzer will send inquiries for test and rerun orders only when this function is enabled.

If disabled, test orders have to be made either manually by the operator at the analyzer or by download from the host. Note: Automatic result upload is only supported in Real-Time Communication mode.

Version 2.Systems with a serial number of or above are cobas b systems. Every effort has been made to ensure that all the information contained in this manual is correct at the time of printing.

Професионална дијагностика - Гасни и Електролитни Анализатори - Cobas b 121

However, Roche Diagnostics GmbH reserves the right to make any changes necessary without notice as part of ongoing product development. Any customer modification to the instrument will render the warranty or service agreement null and void. Software updates are done by Roche Service representatives.

While every effort is made to ensure its correctness, Roche Diagnostics assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions which may appear in this document. Subject to change without notice. This manual has detailed descriptions of cobas b system features and general operational concepts, specification functions and use of controls, operating techniques, emergency procedures, product labeling and maintenance procedures. How to use this manual o Keep this manual in a safe place to ensure that it is not damaged and remains available for use.

To help you find information quickly, there is a table of contents at the beginning of the book and each chapter. In addition, a complete index can be found at the end.

Where to find information In addition to the Instructions for Use, the following documents are also provided to assist in finding desired information quickly: o cobas b system Reference Manual o cobas b system Short Instruction Conventions used in this manual Visual cues are used to help locate and interpret information in this manual quickly.

This section explains formatting conventions used in this manual. Risk of infection All sections and parts of texts that are marked with this symbol describe procedures that may involve risk of infection. Lot designation Use by The product should not be used after expiry of the specified date. If a day is not indicated, apply the last day of the respective month.

Temperature limitation The conditions necessary to preserve the product's shelf life before opening. Other symbols The following symbols are listed as additional information: Symbol Description Electrodes: This date indicates the limit of the maximum storage time of an electrode. The electrode must be installed in the instrument no later than the imprinted date.

If the installation takes place on the imprinted date, it still falls within the specifications. Danger symbol: "Irritant" on the label and the packaging of S2 Fluid Pack Rating: Although not corrosive, momentary, longer-lasting, or repeated contact with skin or mucous membrane may result in inflammation. Danger of sensitization during contact with skin when classified with R Caution: Avoid contact with eyes and skin, do not inhale vapors.

This curve approximates the audible range of the human ear. A-3 2 General descriptions. A-7 3 Installation and shutdown. A 4 Specifications. A 5 Theoretical foundations. A cobas b system 1 Safety information Contents Safety information The information provided in this chapter is essential for the safe, trouble-free operation of the instrument and must be read and understood by the user.

In this chapter Chapter 1 Important information This instrument is intended to be used only for the specialized purpose described in the instructions. The most important prerequisites for use, operation, and safety are explained to ensure smooth operation. No warranty or liability claims will be covered if the machine is used in ways other than those described or if the necessary prerequisites and safety measures are not observed.

The instrument may be operated only by persons whose qualifications enable them to comply with the safety measures that are necessary during operation of the instrument. Suitable protective equipment, like laboratory clothing, protective gloves, protective goggles and if necessary mouth protectors, must be worn to prevent direct contact with biological working materials.Introduction: The introduction of a new method or new analyser is a common occurrence in clinical biochemistry laboratory.

When a new POC analyser is obtained, the performance of the analyser should be evaluated by comparison to the measurements with the reference analyser in the laboratory. Correlation coefficient was calculated from the results obtained from both the analysers.

Precision was calculated by running biorad ABG control samples. Results: The correlation coefficient values obtained for parameters were close to 1. The CV obtained for all the parameters were less than 5 indicating good precision. Validation is associated with ensuring and checking that the product complies with set requirements and satisfies certain defined criteria. The introduction of a new method or new instrument in addition to the existing instruments is a common occurrence in clinical biochemistry laboratory.

The performance of the new method or new instrument should be evaluated thoroughly before its routine use in the laboratory [ 23 ]. The semi-automated analysers are replaced by completely automated analysers to minimize analytical errors and to improve the turnaround time. The new analyser should have acceptable accuracy, precision, measuring range and should be free from interferents.

Blood gas measurements and electrolytes are often performed in Point-Of-Care POC settings as well as larger clinical laboratories. Even a slight error in reporting ABG and electrolytes can have serious adverse effects on patient management especially critically ill patients.

When a new POC analyser is obtained, the performance of the analyser should be validated. The new analyser was cobas b from roche diagnostics and rapid lab ABG analyser from Siemens was the existing ABG analyser in our laboratory which was a validated one.

Both the ABG analysers Cobas b and rapid lab — Siemens were based on the principle of ion selective electrode method. Cobas b is a ABG analyser which can measure parameters which are critical for decision making.

It calibrates by means of fluid system. The sample volume required is 60 micro liters and the results are available within 50 seconds. The operator intervention is least and most of the analyser operations are automated. The study was a comparative study. Only the ABG samples that were sent to laboratory in heparinized syringes and ice packs were included in the study. Only those samples which were received by the laboratory within 10 mins of sample collection were included in the study. Any ABG sample which did not fulfill the inclusion criteria were excluded from the study.

Under aseptic precautions, 2 ml of ABG sample were collected in heparinized syringes from radial artery. Validation of analyser was done by measuring its accuracy, precision and correlation coefficient.

The accuracy was assessed by calculating the bias. The bias was calculated for individual samples run on both the ABG analysers and the mean bias obtained was compared with the Total allowable error as per CLIA Clinical laboratory improvement amendments guidelines.

Bias was calculated by the following formula:. All control samples were measured on both ABG analysers daily. If control sample value was within acceptable limits, ABG samples were run and bias was calculated. If results were not within acceptable range, control samples were re-run with fresh control samples. If the control values were still found outside control limits, calibration was performed and control samples were rerun and when found within acceptable limits, only then ABG samples were run and bias was calculated.

Precision was assessed by calculating the Coefficient of variance CV. Coefficient of variance CV were calculated from Biorad internal QC lot number — for the parameters. Correlation between the analysers were done by regression analysis. Correlation coefficient was calculated from the patient samples run on both the analysers. The values obtained in Cobas b and Rapid lab was represented by Bland Altman plot. The results are represented in Bland Altman plot.

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Address Deviceinformed. Savickio st. Sign up for our mailing list to get latest updates and offers. Copyright Deviceinformed. Powered by: itsolutions.The cobas analyzer series is a member of the cobas modular platform. It offers medium workload laboratories tailormade solutions for clinical chemistry and immunochemistry testing. Control Unit: PC, monitor, keyboard, printer, etc. Up to channels, in total 63 channels including ISE, automatic setting on cobas c module 25 channels on cobas e module.

Primary tubes: 5 to 10 mL; 16 x16 x 75, 13 x13 x 75 mm Sample cup: 2.

cobas b 121

RS serial interface, bi-directional Interface to cobas link datastation for cobas teleservice functionalities and automatic download. Start-up, Re-calibration For photometric modules: Linear, non-linear multi-points, 2 point calibration, K-factor up to different calibrators pre programmable Storage of up to curves Preventive calibration of the stand-by cobas c and cobas e packs on cobas c Two k-factor can be defined for different sample types.

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cobas b 121

Products Cobas Available for cobas c and cobas e module. Via specified racks through the input buffer or STAT port.The operator-friendly system offers easy handling and requires no preventative maintenance, reducing analyzer downtime. Please disable any ad blockers and view the site in non-private mode. Allowing you to focus on patient critical care The cobas b POC system is a mobile, cartridge-based, critical care analyzer designed for POC testing.

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cobas b 121

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