Chevy silverado has a draw but not fuses full

Search your problem. More specific problems:. Top problems. Won't start Chevrolet Silverado 5. Fuel pump Won't start Starting.

Won't start after long distance drive got spark let set for about a hour then it started don't know how to fix it can you help it dose have a new fuel pump in it. Comment Same issue here. Try tightening the alternator belt.

At highway speeds over long distance belt expands due to centrfical force and does not remain in positive contact with the alternator pulley. Dashboard Won't start Starting. Dash lights up when you turn the key over but will not start. Have no dome lights and my tag lights are always on with and with out key. Battery Won't start Ignition switch Starting. This truck runs like a top all summer and fall, in the winter no start, tow over, when we take it to the mechanic in a warm garage starts right up, drive it home, next day forget it.

Have tested everything electronic nothing shows up on the diagnostic, have replaced everything known to man, ignition switch, plugs, complete overhaul kept up well and still nothing. Our other vehicle starts right up in the same cold temps Showing Wife's e-mail below. New Battery.

This vehicle is not a Chevy El Dorado don't know why it says it on my vehicle description Engine Dashboard not working Battery Won't start Starting. It has been running well.

Started up fine this morning. Got to my appointment. Came back out to leave and truck would not turn on. It was as if the battery was dead. When the AAA mechanic checked the battery it was fine.

Chevrolet Truck - Battery Dies Overnight - Part I

But the dash lights would not come no when the key was turned. Then they did but there was no effert to start. The engine might click but nothing else. The dome lights were bright and working. It was putting out a full voltage the mechanic said. But again the dash lights would not come on. But then they did again.I need to figure out why my alternator is not charging my battery.

It started out by my radio turning off, then my transmission was shifting hard, then my blinkers did not work then my truck started to stall. And that's in a matter of minutes of each other.

So, here's what I've tried. New battery, 2 new alternators, new negative and positive battery cables along with the fusible link between the pos and alternatorchecked all fuses and relays in both fuse boxes visually and with dmmchecked continuity of all cables withing the charging system, tested starter at AutoZone passedand recently checked both alternator and battery at AutoZone and other than having to get my brand new battery recharged everything checked out good.

Do you. Hi natesdogg Welcome to the forum. Start by measuring the voltage on the fat red or black wire on the back of the generator, and the small red wire in the plug when the ignition switch is turned to run.

chevy silverado has a draw but not fuses full

Here is a wiring diagrams so you can see how the system works. Check out the diagrams Below. Please let us know what you find. We are interested to see what it is. Image Click to enlarge.

Chevrolet Silverado (mk3; 2014-2018) fuses and relays

Was this answer. Truck has irratic idle when altnator is charging. Recent work done fuel pump replaced, rebuilt throttle body including new injectors tps and iac motor, replaced map sensor, replaced o2 sensor, replaced coolant temp sensor.

Truck runs great and idles perfect if system voltage is Have tried new altnator same issue. Have a know good ecm from another truck and same issue with either ecm. Good truck runs with either ecm. Replaced distributer with new. Also tried several ign modules. Set timing at 0 as per instruction on alldata. Unplugged alt. And test drove truck all work great. Stationary with battery charger and truck runs like junk. Have tested all power and ground circuits to ecm including voltage drop test and found no issues.

Check all 5 volt sensor supplies all good. Check at sensors as well all good. Checked voltage at fuel pump good as well. Fuel pressure 13 psi.Under-hood fuse box diagram: Chevrolet Silverado Sierra fuse box. All chevrolet fuse box diagram models fuse box diagram and detailed description of fuse locations.

The security light in the instrument. And inclination sensors be. The video above shows how to replace blown fuses in the interior fuse box of your chevrolet silverado in addition to the fuse panel diagram location.

Silverado hd Gmc sierra fuse box diagram. The fuse block is located in the engine compartment on the driver side of the vehicle. Engine compartment fuse block. Chevrolet fuse box diagram. Gmc and chevrolet truck fuse box locations. Deactivated if pets are left in the. Cluster comes on if there is a.

chevy silverado has a draw but not fuses full

Problem with arming or disarming. Keys doors and windows. When trying to start the vehicle the. Electrical components such as your map light radio heated seats high beams power windows all have fuses and if they suddenly stop working chances are you have a fuse that has blown out. Instrument panel passenger side wo pwr rear slider. Cigar lighter power outlet fuses in the chevrolet silverado are the fuses 1 10 11 12 in the drivers side instrument panel fuse box and fuses 1 2 in the passengers side instrument panel fuse box.

It has dedicated trailer brake and trailer fuses within the primary fuse box under the hood. I have a chevy silverado hd high country with 66 diesel equipped with tow package. Silverado Fuses usage 1 electric running boards 2 antilock brake system pump 3 interior bec lt1 4 passenger motorized safety belt 5 suspension leveling compressor 6 4wd transfer case electronic control 7 8.

Chevrolet silverado fuse box diagram. My passenger side trailer blinkers and brake lights are not working.James answered 6 years ago. Reelin68 answered 6 years ago. Perform a parasitic draw test.

You will need a volt meter. Very cool way to track down a problem. Here's the video if it's new to you. No, If new battery or fully charged the truck and radio would work, at least for a little while. You may have a security feature in your truck. You said you changed out the battery.

This probably activated the security. Turn your key on just so the dash lights come on. Let it stay that way for a couple of mins. Then turn the key to full ON and try and start it. See if that works. Could be your oil pressure sensor. I heard if it's low on oil and doesn't build pressure that can cause problems. How about fuel filter? I was reading other old posts and a guy had the same issue as you and it was just the filter.

Wouldn't that be an easy fix? Have you done a pressure test for the fuel yet? You may have a bad fuel pressure regulator. It could be the engine control module. But that's just it. It could be numerous things. Let's get back to the beginning.

You went to work and battery was suddenly dead. Something had to drain it, right? So, what drained the battery?

How to Draw a Chevy Silverado

And secondly, does your truck have any anti-theft security in it? The more I read on it, I would say yes. The BCM wake-ups are: Door ajar switches Door handle switches Dome lamp Park lamps Power door lock switches Interior lamp request active Ignition key put into the ignition switch Ignition key removed from the ignition switch Ignition in the run position Key in door lock switch Liftgate release switch Liftgate jamb switch Remote control door lock transmitter request to the BCM Asleep States The BCM is Asleep when it has stopped controlling or monitoring devices and has become idle again.

After the ignition switch is turned to the lock position and 20 minutes seconds elapse without any wake-up signals, the BCM enters into a sleep state and goes into the low power mode. If the BCM is in low power mode and detects a wake- up command, the BCM will enter into the wake-up state and enter the high power mode. If the vehicle has been left inactive ignition in the lock position and no BCM wake-ups for 20 minutes, the BCM will return to the low power mode. Remote Panic Alarm The head lamps and the horn will be activated after pressing the horn button on the remote control door lock transmitter.

Press the horn button again to de-activate the head lamps and the horn. Pressing the horn button only once on the remote control door lock transmitter will activate the head lamps and the horn for 30 seconds or until the ignition switch is turned to the run position.

Battery Run Down Protection The battery run down protection provides protection against parasitic loads and excessive battery drain and high current loads related to the courtesy lamp circuit.Hello dear car lover and artists. Pay attention, that already at the first step the outlines of Chevrolet Silverado differ from the outlines for example Dodge Charger.

In the front part we sketch out the headlights and a huge radiator grille. In the lateral part we add rear-view mirrors and wheels.

With the help of long and straight lines draw the radiator grille. On both sides of the radiator grille we draw out the headlights.

In the center of the radiator grill we draw the Chevrolet logo. Also using straight and clear lines draw out the details of the bumper. Draw out the windscreen and side windows. Draw out the rear-view windows and move to the next step. Carefully draw out the door, a handle, moldings and the front wheel arch.

Here we do about the same thing as we did in the previous step. Using straight lines draw out the pickup box with a rear bumper, rear lamps and wheel arch. This step is approximately the same in all drawing lessons about cars from Honda to Ferrari. Here we need to draw wheels that look like ovals or flat cylinders, depending on the point of view.

Here we finish drawing lesson about how to draw a Chevy Silverado. Here we just need to draw rims, which can look like in our example or differently depends on what kind of rims you like. Note that here the wheels and rims look smaller than the wheels and rims of for example of a sports car.

Recall that we already have another drawing lesson about pick-up — how to draw a Chevy Truck. In addition to this drawing lesson we have a whole bunch of drawing lessons about cars, so do not forget to visit all these lessons, share them with your friends and subscribe to us in social networks. I loved drawing it but my picture sucked. My dad will not let anyone in our family get a Ford.

We call Fords Turds.The most recently reported issues are listed below. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the Chevrolet Silverado based on all problems reported for the Silverado My air conditioning continues to go out and leak out the fluids,I have had the system checked and a leak could not be found. I live in az. And need cooling while using my vehicle.

chevy silverado has a draw but not fuses full

The lack of cooling causes me to get over heated and even causes me to become physically ill, I should have a good working system,I have research and all chevy silverado have the same problem. Clearly this is a problem that the manufacturer is aware of and dealers don't have any replacement parts.

I become I'll everytime I have to use my truck,its degrees in az and I don't have ac. My air conditioner started blowing only hot air and I noticed a leak in the condenser. This is apparently a huge issue which gm knows about with silverados. There have been lawsuits filed and many complaints submitted.

There is obviously a faulty part or parts that gm knows about and refuses to acknowledge. Compressor for air conditioning seized up and caused the belt to brake the condenser was also heavily leaking. First comment out of the service managers mouth was this is a very common problem with silverados and sierras.

Don't know why the SUV were recalled and the trucks were not. With only miles it is very unacceptable. Two defective components- 1 -line leading from the compressor to the condensor. Vehicle was tested by me stationary and again while driving. Noticeable smoke could be seen on and off when truck is running being stationary. Takata recall, my Chevrolet silverado 6. I've had 6 leaks fixed year after year never in the same spot, the ac lines design is horrible and I'm tired of paying for something that should had been prevented or recalled by now!!

Vehicle was traveling on the interstate when this occurred. Defective air conditioning. The truck has an air conditioning system fail before it hit 65k. And being less than 4 years old. Really frustrating when a dealer wants to dollars to fix something that should not be broken after only 65k mi. Truck has 53, miles and air condition went out. No longer covered by warranty according to chevy dealer. We started having a problem with our air condition for 3 months now, it just blows warm air.

We tried taking it to the dealer but was told that it was not covered with the warranty. We found out that there was a leak in the condenser. Whether the car was running or stationary or in which road it was going the air conditioner does not work at all it was just blowing hot air.

Air conditioning-gm has known about the wide spread problem of there air conditioners in my truck as well as many other trucks just like mine. However they do not issue a recall for the problem which should have be done and many people agree on this issue because the part which is the condinser is a critical part in the air condition system.Although we're writing about this Chevrolet intermittent electrical problem, the issue also occurs on GMC and Cadillac trucks.

My customers have been complaining about this for years, but every time they show up with the vehicle everything worked properly. And this is why intermittent electrical problems remain some of the worst issues to solve.

With that said, enough people have had the issue, that the problem finally got solved. Customers complain about intermittent power outages throughout the vehicle. Sometimes the power door lock starts going off by itself or the dash lights go out. In extreme circumstances the entire truck loses power.

Whenever crazy things like this happen my mind starts going to a ground connection problem. When symptoms become widespread and randomized poor electrical connections become suspect. Nevertheless, intermittent ground connections can cause some really crazy side effects.

In this situation we have a failure of the main ground cable that runs from the battery to the engine block and frame. I have seen several issues with this one ground cable in many years, make and model General Motors products.

However, the vehicle that brought me a successful diagnosis became a Chevrolet Tahoe. Thank God for this truck. The Chevrolet intermittent electrical problem got so bad the problem finally occurred in front of me.

When I checked the ground cable for tightness at the battery I saw looseness at the actual crimp fitting that holds the negative cable in place. Unfortunately, this is not the only problem I found with this cable. I'm no stranger to complicated automotive electrical problems. But the issue with this Chevrolet negative battery cable had me scratching my head. Let me tell you why. As I mentioned the connection where the cable goes into the battery terminal was loose.

So I thought I'll just fix this connection and everything will be fine. However that wasn't the case. I pulled the cable out, cleaned the end of it and then soldered it back into the battery terminal. However, the intermittent electrical connectivity of the truck remained. So I went to the other ends of the ground connection. One is located on the frame of the truck and the other is on the engine block.

We'll get into how to find these connections in the next section. After performing the same clean and solder repair of the ends of the cable the problem persisted. At this point I realized that I would have to get a new cable. Highway robbery if you asked me. We fixed the truck by replacing the battery cable. It appears that water somehow infiltrates the covering of the cable and rots out the cable from the inside.

This is not the end of the story, because the positive battery cable looks identical in construction to the negative side.

When I grabbed the positive cable and started wiggling it, I got a couple of dropouts of the electrical system. It's for this reason that I think you should seriously consider replacing both the positive and negative side battery cables to eliminate this Chevrolet intermittent electrical problem once and for all. Let's talk about the negative side first. The battery is on the passenger side of the engine compartment near the firewall. The negative cable has three total connections and a three wire sensor also plugs into the cable itself.

The battery connection is self-explanatory and tackled first.