Amazon am radio kit

Excellent in every way. Includes radio mounting stand. The unique design of this kit allows you to place the parts over its corresponding symbol in the schematic drawing on the surface of the printed circuit board. This technique maximizes the learning process while keeping the chances for an assembly error at a minimum. This kit includes an assembly, lesson and theory of operation manual. The actual assembly is broken into simple sections. Each section should be completely tested before moving on.

This reduces difficult trouble-shooting associated with many similar kits. Also included are practical hi-tech blue PC board with the schematic printed on the surface, and battery and solder included.

The manual is easy to understand, no previous knowledge of electronics is necessary. This radio kit PC board has been designed so that no cabinet is necessary.

A special bracket provides the necessary support to use the radio in any location, displaying the work achievement of the student. Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of new posts by email. Our mission is to provide quality products at reasonable prices, and deliver them in a timely manner. Each customer is tremendously important to us. As we move forward with new products and new customers, our motto remains the same: our customers come first! Operates on 9Volt battery not included. Includes complete course study guide. Electronic Kit — soldering required. Excellent for classroom trainer. Reviews There are no reviews yet.Ether-o-dyne Kit.

Corinthian Kit. Spartan Kit. Euro-dyne Kit. Twin Triode Kit.

amazon am radio kit

Single Triode Kit. Our unique Crystal Radio Kits and Regenerative Radio Kits have gotten rave reviews from radio enthusiasts around the world. Each radio kit contains painstakingly collected top-notch vintage parts, wire, detector, high-quality vintage headphones, hardwood box or base, and instructions and schematic for a superior, time-honored circuit, etc. These radio kits are not mass-produced. Each kit is individually assembled to fit the needs of the radio enthusiast who orders it.

This is your chance to get the crystal radio or regenerative radio kit of your dreams or to present a special, thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift.

Modding the Murania AM Radio Kit

Please give us a call with any questions. We aim to please! Telephone: All rights reserved. PV Scientific Instruments. I've now received three of your kits. Their completeness beggars one's imagination.

The quality of components is far beyond my expectations! I don't know how you can produce kits of this quality using mostly original parts. The single regen is under construction. The quality of the components is 1st class!New from Peebles Originals — an audio amplifier kit for your radio project!

If you don't like using headphones, or need that audio boost from your crystal set or tube radio, the PO audio amplifier kit is for you.

The amplifier you build looks great and will play well with your other projects. Your amplifier can be used with all various outputs of crystal, tube, or transistor sets. The PO is based on the 8-pin integrated circuit: LM The PO is powered by a standard 9 volt transistor radio battery not included. Amplifier kit comes with a Perf-Board that you mount the small circuit components. A holder allows for battery placement without it flopping around.

The audio gain control has a built in power switch. A front panel mounted earphone jack and speaker round out this amplifier. We didn't forget to include the hardware and wire either.

Before you buy, download the manual 3. No soldering required, featuring that "handmade look" with genuine, pre-drilled wood base and front panel. This radio kit is perfect for parents, grandparents and teachers to build with kids! It is also a super starter kit for the beginning adult builder. Coils that require no winding, wire, variable tuning capacitor, other necessary components, and diode.

Easy parts layout guide provided for kids. Excellent performance for such a simple but, elegant classic receiver design. A nice addition for the advancing experimenter would be the the " Radios That Work for Free " book. This radio kit, being the next step-up-kit, is perfect for parents, grandparents, and teachers to build with kids.

All parts included are coil form, wire, variable tuning capacitor, other necessary components and diode. Excellent performance for such a simple kit, but elegant classic receiver design. This radio kit, with classic spider-web coil, is perfect for parents, grandparents, and teachers to build with kids. I picked this year as it was the beginning of my radio building interests at the age of 10, and just could-not wait until I could build a set with this, newly-innovated, "space-age" design.

The Transistor! Kit comes with all parts, instructions, and artwork to make this set look, act and feel, just like the "amazing transistor" did in the year: This kit is a newly modified, "third generation", of the original article that appeared in a newsletter article, I wrote, several years ago. This one is far the best in performance, looks and ease of assembly. The transistor that is included in this kit, being Germanium, is a much-improved unit, over what was available in In fact this transistor, is some of the later generations of the Germanium transistor, before being replaced with Silicon units.

I still like the germanium types, and seldom build sets, using Silicon transistors. I love the '50s feel, and looks! The set is basically a high-performance crystal radio detector, with one stage of transistor amplification, with volume control.

amazon am radio kit

Also included, is an earpiece, but set will match most headsets of higher impedances, and will drive a small amplifier, very ideally. This set has a looks and feel of the set my dad bought for me, on my birthday.

Hope you have as much fun with this set as I certainly did, designing and building this replica and my original, as a kid. Comes with easy to follow instructions, and illustrations for ideas of indoor or outdoor use, plus ideas of installing more advanced set-ups, as you progress.

Our radio receives both broadcast and short wave and includes two spider-web coils that are variable to each other.Skip to main content Shortwave Radio Kits.

Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Add to cart. Only 7 left in stock - order soon. Good kit!!! All the hard to finds parts are all together in this kit.

By the time you run down all the parts it would cost a lot more in the long run. I agree that it would be nice if it came with tubes, but those can be found on the web. The price of this kit is very fair for what you get. Currently unavailable.

amazon am radio kit

See All Buying Options. Seems like a quality kit. It shipped with one wrong inductor I'm not sure if that's an issue. Purchased this as a fun little project and it filled the bill nicely. Worked like a champ.

Caution freq "7. However, in an Emergency use of any band is authorized. Instructions consist of a list of parts and a drawing of the circuit board.

In Stock. A blast from the past and a decent radio, too. Perfect for a novice builder and includes a very complete manual with some training materials at the end of each chapter. The parts are held on small cards that list the value for the part, the colors of the resistors and the part number designator. The parts are in value order on the cards from highest to lowest and the resistor part number is above the actual part - pay attenstion to the colors printed to the right of the part number.

Shortwave Radio Kits

Only one company, Mouser, has any in stock made by Xicon and a few sources from China. Kudos to the folks at Elenco for making Easy to build.

I recently bought this kit to learn to solder and hopefully make something that I can use. And I have achieved both!!! I just finished the kit and can't wait to write and tell everyone!Parts and Stuff. A Message from James and Kathy We are continuing to process and ship orders while following all federal, state and local guidelines.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email: Many thanks for your ongoing support. At Pacific Antenna, our goal is to make kit building an enjoyable and rewarding experience. We provide quality, affordable kits along with support through the build process and beyond. We fully support our products and will replace any failed component, for the life of the product, for any reason. If you lose, damage, burn out, or install a component in error, and need a replacement, simply contact us, pay the postage, and we will ship a replacement.

Thanks and 73 James and Kathy. Pac 12 Fixed Coil Antenna Kit. Weber Tri-bander Transceiver. Multi-band Direct Conversion CW xcvr. SMK-2 40m Transceiver. DCxx Transceiver. Simple Transmitter. TwoFer Transmitter. Easy Transmitter. Simple Receiver. Scout Regen. Easy Receiver. BLT Plus. SOTA Tuner. Tenna Dipper II. Mini SWR Indicator. Battery Status Indicator. Digital Dial. Electret Microphone. Easy Audio Bandpass Filter. Easy Field Strength Indicator. Easy TR Switch. Buddy Keyer Speaker Console.

Easy Low Pass Filter. Wall Wart Tamer V2. Easy SWR Indicator. Simple Keyer Chip Kit. Code Practice Oscillator. Active Antenna. RF Probe. Dummy Load. Two Tone test generator. Tracer Injector v2.Ham radio kits bring the greatest sense of accomplishment there is I built my first kit ina Heathkit Morse Code Practice oscillator.

Then, I graduated to building the Heathkit HW transceiver injust in time to go on the air with my newly obtained ham radio license. You can fine-tune and fix an amateur radio kit, because you built it yourself, using detailed assembly and troubleshooting instructions and diagram! That extra feature is worth money! It is also an extra source of satisfaction that commercially built equipment can never bring.

In short, you get a lot of value for your hard earned money by building your own equipment from professionally designed and engineered amateur radio kits. Nowadays, ham radio kits are easier to build and more reliable than ever. The most critical and hard to assemble parts are pre-assembled and tested. An example are the modules that use surface-mount components.

What is left for you to assemble is always geared to be do-able by the average individual.

AM/FM Radio and Training Course Kit

Please note that I do not receive any money, advantages or compensation of any kind from the sources listed hereafter. I make no claim as to the quality and usability of the products mentioned here. However, these manufacturers are well regarded by the amateur radio QRP community.

As always, exercise due diligence before buying. Make sure you learn how to solder components properly before you start building your first kit! There are many soldering tutorials available on the Web.

Only a few are worth recommending. Here are three of my favorites. Each of them cover soldering from a different point of view. A nicely illustrated soldering tutorial. Start with a simple kit, like an accessory for your ham radio station. Then, if you like the experience, don't be afraid to graduate to more complex projects. Even if you do buy commercially made, factory assembled and tested equipment later on, you will find that you will always have a special attachment - a " soft spot " - for the ham radio kits you built yourself.

Most of the manufacturers listed below produce kits of low to moderate complexity. They come with generally clear instructions. Therefore, anyone - able to handle a soldering iron adequately - should have no trouble assembling them. Reminder: If you don't feel comfortable soldering small parts, then I suggest you visit the sites on soldering mentioned earlier on this page. You should first practice soldering parts that you won't mind throwing away when done.

If they are not damaged when you are done with them, then un-solder them it's good to practice that too.Below, you will find a list of all shortwave radio kits categorized by manufacturer. Click on the radio name and model to view details. Shortwave Radio Index. A comprehensive resource database of all shortwave radios currently in production.

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amazon am radio kit

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